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Today David gets to resurrect a conversation from a while back. It was a great discussion of life and how to make the best of every situation, from the real-life experience of Pat Flynn.


Pat’s a well-known internet personality. He speaks at many conferences and is truly a jobless-to-self-made-success story. After being laid off from his job as an architect, Pat took matters into his own hands to crank up his own life through creating his own streams of income through business, marketing, and product creation. He’s become an inspiration to many people who have had difficult situations enter their lives and need a shot of encouragement that they can do something about it.


When Pat was laid off, he tried a lot of things to get income going quickly. He saw income trickle in a little at a time, and then hit his first large-scale success when he created an ebook teaching folks how to pass the LEED exam to become architects. It was a site he’d begun while he was still working and the ebook was his first attempt to monetize the site. It was a huge success, earning over $7000 the first day it was available.


From there, Pat started a podcast that became very popular (Smart Passive Income) and has moved on to become the key-note speaker at many world-class conferences, has created a book, other podcasts, and has become a “you can do it” example for the everyday man or woman who wants to create their own opportunity. If you’re in that boat, or thinking about climbing aboard, Pat’s story should give you plenty of encouragement to take the leap.


Get ready to Crank it Up!

Outline of this great episode


  • Pat’s story of losing his job and rebuilding his life.

  • The role his fiance/wife played in the transition from laid off to self-employed.

  • How asking for and receiving help played a powerful role in Pat’s journey.

  • Battling fear and the things his own imagination threw in front of him.

  • Why Pat believes so many people miss the opportunities that exist in the modern world.

  • How Pat’s desire to help others has played into his success.

  • The level of success Pat has achieved - to use as an inspiration for what’s possible.

  • What is passive income? What is residual income?

  • The responsibility Pat feels because of his success.

  • Why Pat considers himself the luckiest person on the planet.

  • Honesty in everything - one of the things Pat does to make his work stand out.

  • How Pat uses online-only income options to build his business, and why it takes time to build.

  • Principles of providing value and benefit to others that crossover into all areas of life.

  • The driving factor behind Pat’s work and success.

  • Can passive income and passionate income be one and the same?


Links mentioned in this episode - the new Amplified Living blog and website. Check it out! - Pat’s site about passing the LEED exam.


Pat’s website - (his podcast can be found there, as well as links to other online projects he’s developed through the years). - Pat’s daily Q&A podcast - Pat’s experimental site about creating niche sites for income generation.


Tweets you can use to “explode” share your enthusiasm!


There’s a difference between surviving and thriving - Pat Flynn on the Crank it up podcast


There’s no way anything will happen if you don’t think it will - Pat Flynn on the Crank it up podcast


Much of internet business applies to all of life. - Pat Flynn on the Crank it Up podcast


What you practice every day is what brings success.


Who you are matters more than the strategies you use.

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