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In 2012, Christine Burke’s husband Stacey was approached about considering a network marketing company. Although they were both very skeptical at first they experienced amazing results. A few months later, Christine and Stacey decided that the financial challenges that they had experienced needed some immediate solutions and started to look at network marketing as a way to earn income. What started as something she pursued largely on her own soon turned into a joint effort. Christine and her husband Stacey are building a great Network Marketing businerss together, and not only do they absolutely love building teams of people, but are finding the 'magic' of the company they are working with - the leadership, the products, the compensation plan, the support - something that they never want to live without. Listen to the conversation with David T.S. Wood to be inspired and motivated to accomplish similar dreams for yourself.


From dependent housewife to determined money maker

Christine Burke was a typical woman, staying home with her kids, supporting her husband’s career as a chiropractor, living happily in her own little world. There’s nothing wrong with any of that except that she came across an opportunity that enabled her to discover that in addition to those marvelous things, she was able to accomplish even more. That opportunity was network marketing. In this conversation you’re going to hear how Christine took the leap into the unknown by joining a NM company, how it grew substantially, and how her personal growth has now inspired her husband to step out of his established practice and join her in the business. It’s an inspiring story of what is possible in the lives of ordinary people. You’ll want to hear this one.

Leaving his established chiropractic practice to become a network marketer.

Stacey Burke is the kind of chiropractor his patients love. His energy and enthusiasm about his patients makes them loyal and devoted to him as a provider. It’s that same energy that causes his wife Christine to believe that he’d be wonderful at helping her build a thriving network marketing business.  When he began to see the huge success Christine was having he began to look beyond the 9 to 5 workday and into the realm of possibility. The two of them began to dream, to pull closer to each other, and to grow together in life and in business. Their story shows that network marketing is a unique business model, one that enables couples to do what they thought was impossible and grow closer and more free all at the same time.

Network Marketing businesses are multiplied through personal growth


Christine Burke discovered that one of the ways that her business team has been able to grow the most is when she leads the way in growing personally. Her growth stimulates the growth of her team, both in terms of business skills and in their own personal journey. That multiplies back and forth all over the organization. To that end she ensures that every year she involves herself in an event or opportunity for personal growth that pushes her to become more than she’s ever been before. Hear how she goes about it and the amazing doors personal growth has opened for her and for her business team, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is a breeding ground for leaders.


Woven into the DNA of network marketing is team building. The drive to become successful is fueled by the need to help others on your team be successful. That’s a recipe for success all the way around but it’s also the way that people grow in their leadership abilities for the sake of the people in the organization. Every member of a team learns to care for others and help them succeed, which in turn causes the entire network to thrive. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and enables the financial and personal gains to multiply over time. Hear how Christine Burke has learned to grow personally and as a leader of her network marketing team, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.



  • [1:12] Christine’s journey from Canada to Australia and her life there now.
  • [2:10] How Christine feels about being able to run a business from anywhere in the world and have the lifestyle she wants.
  • [3:29] The most Christine has earned so far in one week - and the average wage she would have been earning in her old profession.
  • [4:21] How finances have fluctuated as Christine and her husband moved into their network marketing business.
  • [7:45] How Christine managed her business with toddlers underfoot and her husband still watching full time.
  • [11:00] Why are so many people looking for financial freedom scared of network marketing opportunities?
  • [12:38] Why YOU are the biggest product in your business.
  • [13:03] What Christine has done for herself to advance her business.
  • [14:56] The shift in her husband that brought about their new NM partnership.
  • [18:18] Christine’s financial goals for the upcoming years.
  • [19:37] The impact her business growth has had on her as a wife, mother, and human being.
  • [22:10] Getting aligned with her husband.
  • [24:16] The type of things that happen in the kids of network marketers.
  • [25:19] A great book Christine has been reading.
  • [26:44] How Christine uses a vision board.
  • [28:37] Christine’s journey as an example of what can happen so early in the business.
  • [29:53] The quantum shift that can happen your business team when you engage in personal growth.
  • [31:54] Why network marketing forces people to move into the realm of leading others.
  • [33:00] How did Christine’s husband transition from a very respected medical profession into a network marketing sales business?
  • [36:24] The power of becoming a master networker, like Christine’s husband is doing.
  • [37:50] What is different about a network marketing culture?
  • [39:18] How has network marketing amplified YOUR life, Christine?
  • [42:25] The message Christine wants to leave with you!



BOOK: The Magician’s Way


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