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Everyone who is wise will take the time periodically to examine their own desires, wants, and wishes, and who they are in light of those things. They will look at the way they live their lives, at the way they interact with other people, and they will make the changes. This episode is all about changes, particularly the changes that David is making in his own life. Those changes will include some adjustments to the publication and distribution of this podcast so make sure you take a listen so you understand where David is headed with this show.

Why you need to reassess and make changes in your life.

Life throws you curveballs, and the circumstances you face will not always be the same. There's always room and even a need to adjust your thinking and your approach to the circumstances that you face day today. David's life has undergone some significant changes in the last few years and he's entering a new season of life that requires him to make some adjustments. You can hear her David has navigated these changes and what he's looking forward to on this episode.

The relationships are what matter.

As David’s sons are growing into men he's realizing that the time he has right now as they make that transition is a vital time of importance for him and for them. He's taking a break from many of the things that have consumed his time in recent years to spend more time with them, alongside them, helping them as they express a desire for him to do so. On this episode you'll hear David's heart as a father as he expresses it in relationship to the stage of life his sons are in.

A desire to be a writer and an upcoming resource for you.

As David has considered the places he has gone and the things he has done one of the things that has risen up inside of his own soul is the desire to become a writer. He feels that the experiences and knowledge he has gained in life are meant to be shared and by writing he can share them most effectively. He's currently working on a resource for his faithful listeners and followers to teach them how to create true wealth and their own lives. But he has dreams of many more books to follow. On this episode will get the details about the upcoming book and other projects David has in mind.


What will it take for YOU to make the most out of the life you have?

Making changes can be a very scary thing and David understands how difficult it can be. But on this episode he encourages you to take the steps necessary to make adjustments that will move your life forward, that will give you the experiences and connections that are vital to being happy. He says this as he enters his own time choices and adjustments to enrich his own life even more. You'll get a lot out of this episode so make sure you take time to listen.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:51] Why David is not sure what’s going to happen on this episode.
  • [1:38] The transitions in David’s life and why he’s including you in the conversation.
  • [3:02] The time to reassess and make changes.
  • [4:32] The busy time David has experienced over the past year and how he discovered that something was not quite right.
  • [11:06] How the story with David’s children is changing currently.
  • [12:34] Why there will be a huge break in this podcast.
  • [15:05] How to take an inventory of yourself and your life.
  • [17:20] The upcoming ebook on wealth creation.
  • [18:53] The golden handcuffs many people experience and how to avoid it.
  • [21:15] David’s new desire and what it will require: to become a writer.
  • [27:38] What will it take for YOU to open up space to accomplish new things?
  • [37:00] Moving in a new direction.
  • [46:02] What people are most afraid of.
  • [52:00] Things you can do to stay connected.

Resources mentioned on this episode

Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson

Money” by Pink Floyd - Mike Dooley’s site

Writing a Book” by Kevin Connolly

Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd

Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton

Celebration” by Cool and the Gang


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Nat Cook is a 5-time Olympian - winning gold for her homeland of Australia at the Sydney Olympics. She’s no stranger to hard work, conviction, determination and believing you can. Nat spent 20 years as a professional volleyball player, becoming one of the most well-known players the sport has ever seen. She proudly takes her gold medal with her everywhere she goes - believing it was meant to be shared, touched, and appreciated. After volleyball, Nat was left with a question: what comes next? As you’ll hear in this inspiring interview with David, network marketing came next. For Nat, it was a natural transition from the world of competitive sports to network marketing. She shares what the transition was like, some key learnings, and what she loves most about the business.

Why network marketing?

We’ve talked about the many misconceptions that exist about network marketing many times before. For Nat, she never really bought into that mindset. Even when she was playing volleyball, she recognized the value of network marketing and the world of possibilities the business opened up for those who work hard. And so, when an old friend started bringing a business opportunity to Nat, she eventually decided to give it a go. It was clear that many people have a negative perception about network marketing for one reason: it takes work. Nat shares her belief that too many of us today are about instant gratification and - well - that’s not what network marketing is. It takes hard work to succeed, but when you do you can succeed big time.

How do I make it better?

Nat shares the success of her mentor and friend who introduced her to the opportunity and why she believes their business has seen so much success. The key is being a leader. Nat shares why it’s important to lead with integrity and values, and to always focus on building a strong team. She discusses the financial success her friend has seen - in fact, the business she’s built with her husband is on track to make $1.5 million this year. Nat shares why she believes they’ve seen so much success - because they lead with their hearts and they are always present for the team.

If it’s not getting easier, you’re doing something wrong.

For Nat, working hard comes naturally. But, after making a few mistakes in the beginning, Nat started to learn what works and what doesn’t work in building a successful business with a solid team. She goes on to share a key piece of advice she was told early on: if it’s not getting easier, you’re doing something wrong. This resonated with Nat for many reasons, but mostly because it became clear that the business isn’t hard. It takes hard work, but the systems required to build a successful business aren’t difficult to learn.

Biggest learnings in the first year as a network marketer.

In the early days of her business, Nat and her partner went “all in”. Nat hit social media hard, cast a wide net, and started to attract loads of customers. The mistake? She wasn’t focusing on building a team, but was focused on selling products. In doing so, Nat was beginning to lose the authenticity of the business and - most importantly - the authenticity of herself. She gives insight into what she would do differently if she could go back and start over - including what is perhaps the most important thing: she would’ve said yes earlier. Nat is absolutely inspiring and open in sharing a glimpse into why she loves network marketing so much, as well as some key learnings that can help you build your own business.


  • [0:36] David’s introduction of his guest, Nat Cook.
  • [1:35] How does it feel to be recognized by people and to be a 5-time Olympian?
  • [2:40] Nat’s passion after retiring from volleyball.
  • [3:58] Winning the first beachball volleyball gold medal for her country, when it was hosted in her country.
  • [5:48] The experience of taking photos with the medal, with fans.
  • [7:29] The 2 questions she gets asked the most.
  • [10:27] Hanging out with David at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, throwing a football around.
  • [11:40] Why did you choose network marketing after sports?
  • [14:51] The misconceptions about network marketing.
  • [17:46] Observing the success of her friends and how the industry has played out for them.
  • [20:41] What is the secret to their success?
  • [22:22] What have you learned in a year of being in network marketing?
  • [26:44] The role of residual income.
  • [28:31] Some examples of success stories Nat has witnessed in people after joining the business.
  • [31:06] Some books you’d recommend.
  • [32:36] A couple of favorite quotes you lean on a lot.
  • [33:48] If you were to start over in network marketing, knowing what you now, what would you do differently?
  • [36:15] How has network marketing amplified your life?
  • [36:59] Nat’s foundation.


BOOK: Way of the Peaceful Warrior


BOOK: Business of the 21st Century

BOOK: Go Pro

Nat Cook’s website -

Motiv8Me Video Series

The Nat Cook Live Out Loud Foundation

Surf Volley

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When Alexis Romano first heard about the network marketing opportunity, she - like many of us - was skeptical. As a high school counselor, Alexis was working 3 jobs to make ends meet - and was still barely making it work. She was constantly exhausted and was left with no time to enjoy her life because she was always working. Alexis craved a better life, but believed the only to create one was to work multiple jobs in order to have a better lifestyle. That’s when she heard about the opportunity from a friend. As Alexis shares the story of her journey into the network marketing business, she offers valuable insight into what works - and what doesn’t - if you’re ready to succeed.

Overcoming skepticism and understanding the opportunity.

At first, Alexis didn’t want to hear about the opportunity. She was interested in the products, but wasn’t ready to learn more about the business. One day, Alexis reluctantly agreed to have someone share the opportunity with her. She listened and wasn’t sure if it was for her. Alexis decided to go to an upcoming event just to see what it was all about - and that’s when things changed. This event opened her eyes to what was possible and left her with a feeling of “If they can do it, why can’t I?”

The millionaire mindset shift.

5 years ago, when Alexis attended her first event, she was making about $3000 a month as a teacher, waitress, and tutor. When she took the plunge into the opportunity, she was able to replace her tutoring income in year 2, and would eventually retire from all jobs. Her income steadily grew and each year Alexis learned something new she could apply to her business to make it even more successful. She went from $7,000 to $13,000 to $25,000 to $64,000 to $900,000 in just 5 years. Today, Alexis is generating $100,000 a month from her network marketing business. A far cry from the $3k a month she was making from 3 jobs just a few short years ago.

The only way to fail is to quit.

For Alexis, it was important to learn each year in order to truly grow her business. In the beginning, she learned the value of having systems in place to make things run more efficiently. In year 2, she began to understand the influence of her mindset and realized it was time to make the shift to a millionaire mindset in order to pave the way for the life she wanted to create. Alexis grew to understand the value of personal development and investing in herself in order to take things to the next level. She shares the importance of affirmations in her journey and how they’ve helped to shape her life and her business.

The art of duplication.

As she closes out her chat with David, Alexis discusses her daily routine and how she maintains focus on the things that matter, while balancing it all. She makes personal development a part of her daily routine, which Alexis believes transformed not only her business, but also herself. She discusses the role of consistency in the business and shares why it’s all about the art of duplication. For Alexis, life today is a far cry from life 5 years ago. She has built a solid business and is well on her way to being a millionaire. Alexis offers insight into some steps she took to make it all happen and why it’s important to always invest in yourself first.


  • [0:49] David’s introduction of his guest, Alexis Romano.
  • [1:23] What Alexis did before taking the leap into network marketing.
  • [2:30] What life was like when Alexis was working 3 jobs.
  • [3:01] The feeling of just getting by.
  • [3:43] How Alexis discovered the network marketing opportunity.
  • [4:49] What made Alexis hesitate to jump on the opportunity when it was presented to her.
  • [5:45] The transition from using the products to sharing them with friends/family.
  • [6:10] The process of learning about the opportunity and what made Alexis take the chance.
  • [7:19] The role of the human connection in this business.
  • [8:41] The value of attending events to connect with the opportunity.
  • [9:55] The income growth Alexis has experienced.
  • [10:56] Her income projection for 5 years from today.
  • [11:33] The first year in network marketing and the income Alexis saw initially.
  • [14:10] The biggest lesson in the first year that Alexis applied in the following year.
  • [14:52] The second year in network marketing.
  • [15:35] The biggest lessons in the second year.
  • [17:04] The role of personal development.
  • [19:14] How Alexis grew as a person as she finished up year 3.
  • [20:18] Some books that inspired Alexis on her journey.
  • [21:48] Some quotes that really resonated for Alexis.
  • [23:06] Stepping into year 4 and what changed for Alexis.
  • [24:11] Alexis’s daily routine and how she stays on task.
  • [27:30] Stepping into year 5 and the differences Alexis saw in her approach to the business.
  • [30:38] The advice Alexis would give to herself when she was considering the opportunity 5 years ago.
  • [32:47] The personal development journey for Alexis today.
  • [35:35] How has network marketing amplified your life?
  • [36:55] Alexis’s final thoughts.


BOOK: The Success Principles

BOOK: The Secret

BOOK: The Answer

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Just over 3 years ago, Dawn Ferrentino - like many of us - was working hard and had little time left for her family. This busy mom worked 2 jobs in order to generate the income the family needed. As a professional accountant for 27 years, Dawn found herself maxed out at less than $100k per year and she was always stressed and overwhelmed. She knew something had to change. The network marketing business opportunity came into her life quite by accident, but from the beginning Dawn treated it like a business. With hard work, determination, and the ability to get out of her comfort zone, Dawn has been able to build a hugely successful business in just over 3 years. She shares with David how she’s managed to embrace network marketing as a business and what has made the difference in her journey thus far.

Learning while you earn.

As an accountant, Dawn attended 4 years of school followed by the CPA exam. This investment in an education is essential for a traditional career like the one Dawn had prior to network marketing. She explains how she’s managed to generate her first million in just over 3 years in network marketing - earning while she learns the business. Dawn gives us insight into her approach to the business from the beginning and her willingness to fully immerse herself in the opportunity in order to see where it could take her. Even with resistance from people around her and with lots of “no’s”, Dawn persevered and managed to build a hugely successful business - and one that’s still growing.

The importance of meeting people where they are.

One of the toughest lessons for Dawn was realizing that this opportunity isn’t for everyone. She shares why it’s essential to meet people where they are - not where you are or where you think they should be. Understanding that this isn’t for everyone is a key ingredient to building a successful and happy team of network marketers. Dawn discusses how her income has grown - from 11k in her first year to 600k this year to her projection of 7 figures a year in just 3 years. She also shares how she grew her network from 5 people to a downline of 27,000 people in that time - after hearing no about 1000 times.

The path to 7 figures in network marketing.

One of the biggest misconceptions about network marketing, according to Dawn, is that it comes easy. She discusses the fact that it takes a lot of hard work and that’s why some people just aren’t cut out for the business. Dawn also shares what it was like at first, when her husband wasn’t quite sure that this could be a legitimate business and why she wishes she had done a better job of including her family in the journey from the start. Now - 3 years into it - her husband has retired and they have built a life that wouldn’t have been possible without network marketing.

The reward is the entire journey.

For Dawn, the reward isn’t just the money. She discusses what it’s like to work with a network marketing team and how they support each other along the way. Dawn also shares the value of personal development and why she focuses on making it a part of every single day. As David and Dawn finish out their chat, Dawn some key learnings and her advice for network marketers who are just starting out. Her story is inspiring and it’s clear that Dawn has embraced network marketing and quickly risen to the top of the industry. Her main message? If I can do it, you can too.


  • [1:01] David’s introduction of his guest, Dawn Ferrentino.
  • [2:03] Dawn’s life before network marketing.
  • [3:00] What was the maximum salary of her previous job?
  • [4:43] Making her first million in 3 years as a network marketer.
  • [5:46] What made you say yes to network marketing?
  • [8:01] The learning curve of stepping into network marketing.
  • [9:42] When Dawn realized she could really make a living with this business.
  • [10:52] Stepping out of your comfort zone to grow your business.
  • [12:16] How the time investment in this new business affected her family.
  • [13:14] What would you have done differently in the beginning?
  • [15:45] Maintaining relationships after someone says no to the opportunity.
  • [16:34] How quickly Dawn started seeing money come in from the business.
  • [18:57] How many people are actively building a business?
  • [19:51] Dawn’s downline, her biggest month, and how times she’s been told no.
  • [20:30] How close is Dawn to being a professional/master network marketer?
  • [22:26] Dawn’s projection for her monthly income in 3 years.
  • [25:58] What is network marketing for Dawn?
  • [28:00] Why some people don’t get network marketing.
  • [29:39] When did her husband realize this was a real business?
  • [32:10] The message Dawn wants to leave you with.
  • [34:55] Advice for other network marketers who are starting out.
  • [39:23] The relationships that are born in this career.
  • [41:12] Dawn’s team and how they’ve impacted her.
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Living a life of design doesn’t come easy. It takes hard work, commitment, and a willingness to learn new things. For Shawn Owen, the journey from struggling teacher to successful network marketer came from was paved with an openness to the possibilities. By saying yes to an opportunity, Shawn and his wife have been able to create a life of freedom for their family. In this chat with David, Shawn shares how they designed a life to generate financial security while also creating the gift of time to be spent as they desired. By applying the philosophies of wealth creation, they have been able to create passive income and residual income and a life by design.

From teacher to wealth-maker.

Before he discovered network marketing, Shawn was a teacher. He and his family lived a frugal life, without much room for savings or vacations. Shawn eventually made his way into corporate America, which allowed for more financial security, but left little time to truly enjoy life. Network marketing changed everything. Shawn explains that his willingness to try something new and go all in truly made it possible to succeed and create the life he wanted for his family. After finding his own brand of success in network marketing, Shawn knew he wanted to apply his love of teaching in order to help others find financial freedom.

The power of learning to be wealthy.

Shawn explains why it’s important to learn to be wealthy. He shares why this is essential to creating financial freedom and offers insight into how he applied this to his own life. For Shawn and his wife, it was about setting a clear goal from the beginning of what “success” looked like financially and - most importantly - sticking to that goal. He also discusses the role of a financial freedom account and paying yourself first. Applying these basic philosophies of wealth, Shawn says, played a key role in their success.

The value of personal development.

Shawn is a huge proponent of personal development. In fact, it’s such a huge part of his family’s routine, that it’s not unusual to walk in on his kids reading a John Maxwell book. He explains why personal development is so essential to success and the fact that we are only limited in our financial growth by the investments we make in ourselves. Shawn shares his belief that we are our most valuable asset and that’s why personal development is at the core of his business.

Why you need to track your wealth.

For Shawn, wealth isn’t about opulence. Rather, it’s about being clear on the life you want and making sure you create those opportunities. For his family, it’s about time together and the ability to travel. Shawn explains why a huge house and expensive trinkets aren’t what drives him, and how - even with such an increase in income - they’ve maintained the same lifestyle through it all. He leaves us with a final thought: anyone can do it. Shawn shares his belief that adopting a couple of the financial principles he shared can truly transform your financial picture. It’s not about opulence for Shawn and his wife; it’s about designing a life filled with the things that matter.


  • [1:42] David’s introduction of his guest, Shawn
  • [2:07] Understanding Shawn’s life in comparison to others.
  • [3:45] The journey to replacing income through network marketing.
  • [7:25] When did you understand the power of network marketing and the residual income?
  • [9:58] Learning to be wealthy.
  • [10:45] What did it take to realize that this was a viable vehicle for real income?
  • [15:28] Figuring out how much money your family can live on in order to set financial goals.
  • [17:47] Understanding your financial picture once you hit the goal number you’ve set.
  • [21:46] At what point were you able to start investing?
  • [23:56] How to address the debts you owe when growing your income.
  • [26:28] Bad debt versus good debt.
  • [30:14] The Babylon principle of paying yourself first.
  • [33:19] Dealing with the seduction phase of growing wealth.
  • [37:10] Maintaining discipline as your income grows exponentially.
  • [41:49] The value of living below your means.
  • [48:10] The philosophies of wealth creation never change.
  • [53:02] Shawn’s opinion of “emergency funds”.
  • [1:03:47] Shawn’s view of insurance and his advice.
  • [1:18:06] Allowing your money to work for you.
  • [1:20:18] Shawn’s philosophy on the greatest investment you can make: yourself.
  • [1:24:31] The importance of tracking wealth.
  • [1:25:48] Shawn’s view of a retirement plan.
  • [1:27:21] Shawn’s final thoughts.


BOOK: The Richest Man in Babylon

BOOK: Think and Grow Rich

BOOK: Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Three years ago, Peta Kelly realized some things would need to change in order for her to follow her true path. As she stood at a crossroads, she decided to go in the direction that was a little less certain and comfortable - all because of what she believed could happen. Peta began a journey of self-discovery, which would lead to her all-important “why”. Inspired by the sacrifices her mother made in raising Peta and her siblings, Peta knew she had to work towards allowing her mother to retire. With her why at the forefront, Peta went full steam ahead into the world of network marketing.

From struggling PhD student to hugely successful network marketer.

At the young age of 25, Peta has seen her income increase exponentially in a very short time. She credits her ability to maintain focus on her why as the fuel that drove her to keep pushing forward. Before delving into network marketing, Peta was a PhD student on scholarship, earning $500 a week. She worked side jobs as a trainer to make ends meet. Peta explains that she was happy then, but she knew something was missing. Her goal was to make a difference in the world and to find her true path. So she pressed ahead and worked on identifying what life could be like if she took some chances.

Following a path of uncertainty, fueled by the possibilities.

As Peta stepped into the world of network marketing, she didn’t have any preconceived notions, expectations, or ideas about the business. She was a virtual blank slate - a sponge willing to soak up all of the knowledge and systems that make network marketing great. She went from a PhD student with a fairly certain path ahead of her, to a network marketer with no idea how it would all work out. What Peta did have was a willingness to work hard and invest in herself. She shares the value of going into the business with eyes and heart wide open - ready to learn.

The value of working on yourself.

The most important part of the journey, Peta says, has been the investment in herself. She believes that success in network marketing isn’t about the product or the compensation plan, but about the person behind it. If you take the time to work on yourself, the sky is the limit. Peta also discusses why it’s important to stop being attached to the “why” and the “how” - and you you need to live and breathe your “why”. She also delves into her approach with developing leaders and why this is essential to her success. Peta offers insight into her approach of leading with a vision using network marketing as a vehicle.

Creating a life of abundance and freedom at any age.

Peta works with people who are ready to be leaders and transform their lives. She explains that a large percentage of people are 26 or younger, because Peta proved success is possible at any age. Her mission is to help young people understand that they can strive for complete and utter inner and outer freedom - at any age. In closing, Peta offers some advice to people who feel stuck in the world of network marketing. There’s no doubt that Peta’s story is inspiring, motivating, and downright magical. Learn more about Peta’s accomplishments on this week’s episode of Amplified Network Marketing.


  • [0:41] David’s introduction of his guest, Peta Kelly.
  • [1:39] Peta’s journey prior to the success she enjoys today.
  • [3:09] Peta’s profession prior to network marketing.
  • [4:41] The “why” that drove Peta’s success.
  • [6:52] How Peta’s age impacted her journey.
  • [8:52] Peta’s advice to people who are making networking marketing more complicated than it needs to be.
  • [11:42] The keys to network marketing.
  • [14:35] The importance of developing leaders.
  • [15:06] Peta’s approach to growing her business.
  • [17:35] The goals of young people who are able to leave their jobs.
  • [21:02] Books that have inspired Peta.
  • [21:52] A quote that inspires Peta.
  • [23:13] Peta’s advice for someone who feels stuck with network marketing.
  • [26:03] Peta’s final words.


BOOK: The Go-Giver

BOOK: The Four Agreements

Peta Kelly’s website -

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Today’s guest, Jim Coover, is a mentor and inspiration to host David TS Wood. David has witnessed the integrity and true measure of Jim’s character by watching him when he thinks no one is paying attention. Along with wife, Kathy, Jim is a legend in the Network Marketing arena. Jim is president and CEO for Isagenix, a billion dollar company the couple came out of retirement to co-found. Jim is a wealthy and successful businessman who could be sprawled out in a hammock somewhere on a private island. Instead, Jim remains in the trenches, pursuing results in people’s lives and global change in health and wellness. His company offers the opportunity and vehicle for people to transform their lives. Today’s conversation focuses on the story behind the success, as well as turning points along the way. No matter your circumstances, make the choice today to change your life and pursue success. This episode of Amplified Network Marketing offers inspiration you won’t want to miss.


Possibility and responsibility

When Jim wakes up in the morning, his thoughts are often of possibility and responsibility. He sees life as an opportunity to write his own story. He lives each day with the intention to be the best he can be and to positively influence as many people as he can. There are a lot of people looking to him to look after the enterprise and he takes his responsibilities seriously. Of course, the load is shared, but Jim feels a deep sense of commitment to the whole company. Circumstances presented themselves and Jim came out of retirement to realize an opportunity to impact world health. He believed he had a vehicle to realize his vision and took the necessary risks. Along the way, there were struggles and naysayers. Jim was deeply committed to getting his company’s ideas into the marketplace and into people’s lives. Integrity and trust were big lessons Jim learned, which are now evident in his relationship with his wife and family. They each bring greatness and skills to the business and their relationship. This couple, despite their success and humble beginnings, never limited their impact. Listen in to unleash your own possibility of impact.

The early years

Growing up, Jim thought of himself as a “little guy.” He was a little brother and two years younger than most of his classmates. Since he was younger and smaller, competing athletically was a challenge. He was introduced to bodybuilding his senior year, which became a defining moment and realization that he was engaged in attainable transformation if he worked for it. Jim no longer thought he was destined to be small. He got excited, saw results, and recognized that he could be in control. During his time working out at the gym, Jim noticed what professions allowed people to work out whenever they wanted. He decided to learn to cut hair to support himself and keep up his fitness routine. Jim was paid on commission, so his earnings were tied to personal performance and relationships with people. He gained confidence and made connections as his paradigm shifted into building a business by offering a unique service. He took up men’s hair styling, incorporating the sale of products for men to upkeep their new looks. Hear the whole story of Jim’s successful launch into the fitness industry on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.  

Transformation and traps

Jim is familiar with a whole gamut of struggles in health and fitness. When he was small he struggled to gain weight, and then gained too much weight, too quickly. He remembers the way people looked at him differently and can identify with people who struggle with their weight. He knows the physical and the emotional suffering that often accompanies the struggles. Jim is now in the business of transforming people’s lives by transforming their health. He talks about being a product of your experiences and how people can still view themselves as fat even after a physical transformation. It takes awhile for people to uncondition themselves from what being overweight held them back from. The changes Jim made in his own life impacted all areas of his life. It gave him greater confidence and the ability to apply similar disciplines in other areas of his life. He has worked with a lot of people with weight issues and worked to undo the damage of eroded confidence and disbelief in self. Don’t miss the discussion of Jim’s transformation personally and in business on this episode!


Validation from the global impact

Jim loves Network Marketing. The validation for its existence comes from the global impact it is having. People might not understand what Network Marketing truly is, but Jim spells it out. His passion for health and fitness helped to build a vehicle for transformation physically and financially. He has seen the average person take control of their own life through his business.  He built an asset that keeps giving and a relationship business.  His success is directly proportionate to how many people he is helping. People are getting their lives back from health, and then adding an incremental income. What separates Jim and his company is their commitment to a culture of safety and support. Jim is filled with pride and joy that ooze out in this episode. Find out how to enjoy the freedom he describes and positively impact lives through the possibilities available to you.



  • [0:50] David’s introduction of today’s guest, Jim Coover.
  • [9:10] Welcoming Jim.
  • [11:17] A moment when Jim realized the possibility for his business.
  • [12:51] The early years and foundational pieces that set the course for Jim.
  • [14:28] Entering the health and fitness world.
  • [15:44] Jim’s body transformation and mindset trap.
  • [16:53] Unhealthy times and struggles of skinny-pudgy kid.
  • [19:23] Addressing silent humiliation of weight struggles.
  • [22:33] The emotional side of transformation.
  • [24:44] The story after graduation.
  • [28:26] Jim’s hair cutting business.
  • [30:47] Semi-retirement in his twenties.
  • [33:25] Mentors and personal journey.
  • [35:47] Gems and influences in Jim’s life.
  • [39:08] Jim’s dynamic journey and lessons learned along the way.
  • [41:43] Jim’s love affair with the NWM industry.
  • [48:50] Jim’s reaction to success stories in his company.
  • [52:32] The family philosophy and involvement in the business.
  • [55:42] What is a kickass life, to Jim?
  • [57:42] David’s closing remarks, overview, and wrap up.
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Today’s guest, Sarah Rowan Dahl, is a performance painter. Sarah is established and experienced in this unique, creative outlet in the entertainment industry. She seeks not only to entertain, but also to inspire. Sarah brings a creative work of art to life in front of people in a live setting. Often she enhances the performance by painting to music, allowing the tones, notes and sounds to create the colors on the canvas. It is really Sarah’s quirky personality that connects with the audience and adds the buzz of energy that draws a crowd. Sarah performs for various types of events and functions, from the corporate setting, to festivals, fundraisers, weddings, and zoos. Sarah believes creativity is innate in us all and strives to awaken it in people who have forgotten how. Her courage has pushed the limits in performance art and the platform it establishes. Listen to the conversation with David T.S. Wood to be inspired and motivated to rediscover your own creativity.


A platform for the voiceless.

Sarah uses her talent and work to raise awareness and funds for charities, such as The A21 Campaign, focused on ending human trafficking. Frequently, her performance pieces from functions will be auctioned off for charity. Sarah may not have the money in her pocket to donate much to these organizations, but her paintings inspire others to give. Human trafficking is the primary cause that Sarah donates to. Organizations like A21 work against the perpetrators that find families in dior circumstances, buy their children off of them, and either work them in an underground industry, rape them, sell them, or all of the above. This is a global crisis Sarah cannot ignore, especially as a mother of two young daughters. It might make people uncomfortable, but it is something Sarah says we should be uncomfortable about. She is a freedom fighter, able to use art as a platform and tool to raise money and awareness for such a great cause. You’ll want to hear this one.


Art bypasses age, cultural, and language barriers for a global impact.

Sarah’s creativity started with doodling. She was on a basketball scholarship in college and went to Brazil to teach kids basketball. Sarah, not knowing the language very well, used doodling  to communicate with the kids. She realized that art was a way to bypass cultural and language barriers. She wanted to inspire people globally and found a breakthrough in art. Art crossed bridges and equalized people from all over the world. Soon, Sarah found herself going after a BFA, studying to be an artist. The move to performance art came because no one teaches how to make a living at art. Historically, students pursuing art have a lot of jobs. Sarah, like most of her classmates, took up waitressing. One day, she decided she would either do what she loved, or starve trying. Sarah started an art business, combining her love of art and using it to communicate and entertain across barriers. About half of Sarah’s current performances are improvised. She does more mental prep than actual paint planning. Her courage is contagious and will have you pulling out a paintbrush by the end of the episode.


Addressing the result of devaluing art and creativity.

Why do so many people opt out of creativity? Why is it dismissed in the corporate world or silenced in adults? Sarah says that there has been a recent embrace of the arts that was missing since the rise of the Industrial Revolution. There was not an artistic encouragement to most people’s lives and the fear of fitting in or gaining approval silenced so many. Sarah’s mission is to inspire people to get rid of those inner fears holding them back. If you just try, you might find that you actually can be creative. Sarah understands the mocking of a blank canvas and is her own worst critic. She wants to give people a paintbrush, especially those that would label themselves as “non-creative.” They feel they do not have it in them, they have boundaries and blocks, but there is an innate desire to create. Sarah has seen businessmen cry during her corporate event performances when she invites them into something creative. For many, it is the first time they have felt alive in years. Inside of everyone is a creative child. Go hang out with one if you have forgotten. Address your own reasons for steering clear of creativity on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.


Inspiring creativity and silencing the inner critic.

Sarah loves to help people increase their creative capacity. One simple way? Start brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Or learn how to juggle. Allow your brain the space to work at wrapping itself around something and be challenged. Sarah has her own inner critic and fear of failure. She is learning to see “failures” as experiments instead. Some of her greatest works have come out of these “mistakes.” Australian culture has taught Sarah to relax. Soon after moving there, she was taught the phrase, “Have a go, ya mug,” which roughly translates to, “If you have an idea, go for it.” Her inner voice used to spell out all the reasons that her ideas would flop. Her move to Australia, and other global travels are the keys to her creativity. Sarah recommends going where you have not been and living where you have not lived. Get rid of distractions and get into nature. Sarah’s favorite thing is to get lost on purpose. It stimulates creativity unlike any other experience. Our relationship between our self doubt and our ability to create is directly linked. You have to silence that self doubt to start creating. Learn how to incorporate creativity into your everyday on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.



  • [0:23] Introduction of Sarah Rowan Dahl, a performance painter.
  • [1:02] Defining performance painting and the platform it is for inspiration.
  • [5:38] A heart for charity and ending human trafficking.
  • [11:09] How you can help the effort.
  • [11:50] Sarah’s story of keeping creativity alive.
  • [14:41] Transiting from art, to performance art.
  • [20:34] Artistic encouragement and Inspiring others to be creative.
  • [25:26] Sarah’s artist style and sweet spot in art.
  • [30:01] The keys to creativity.
  • [34:36] Incorporating and rediscovering your own creativity.
  • [39:59] Silencing the inner critic.
  • [45:19] How to contact and stay in touch with Sarah.
  • [46:36] Looking yourself in the mirror.


TED Talk: Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sarah Rowand Dahl’s website -

Sarah on Facebook:

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Adam and Michelle Carey have made plenty of mistakes as Network Marketers. They dove into this profession unprepared as young twenty-somethings, but learned to harness their passion and approach their business with etiquette and integrity. Adam and Michelle found they were not alone in learning the ropes the hard way. They decided the gap in etiquette training needed to be addressed if the industry hoped to gain momentum and be respected as a profession. There is a shift happening today, away from old approaches to business and towards Network Marketing. The Carey’s mission is to add some manners to that momentum. They aim to accelerate success, alleviate rejection, and elevate Network Marketing as a profession. They speak as seasoned ambassadors, with the desire to see unity among Network Marketers. Adam and Michelle believe the industry will boom if professionals come together, not to recruit one other, but to support each other. Listen in to this etiquette training episode to stay classy as a Network Marketer.


Personal growth is as important to Network Marketing as food and water are to your survival.

From the inception of Network Marketing as a profession, it has offered a different path than that of traditional business. People have developed freedom for themselves and exploded their personal growth. Network Marketers are able to grow into themselves and then grow their income. Adam Carey advises that neglecting personal growth inhibits any chance you have to make it in this industry. Michelle Carey adds that the entire profession is built to help people grow. The couple gets most fired up about seeing that growth and character development in their team members. They believe in this industry so fiercely because it has made them better individuals, spouses, business owners, and now parents. Their desire for themselves as well as their team, is for no one to stop growing. They help people, help people. Give a listen to the Carey’s daily method of operating and the areas of growth they emphasize.


Comparison is a cancer in the Network Marketing industry.

The biggest hindrance to your own success might just be you. Adam points out that the spirit of comparison trapped him early on in his career. The industry exposed him to leaders and people who successfully reached the highest ranks with seemingly no hindrances.  When he came across his own struggles and obstacles, it was tempting to think he did not measure up.  This can hinder anybody’s growth and distort perspective. But comparison did not serve Adam and it will not serve you. Embrace the inspiration available, but stay on your own journey. Your trials produce perseverance and authenticity. As a team leader, Adam is now able to relate to doubts and fears of his team members. The mission behind the Adam and Michelle’s movement is learning from mistakes they made. They are still on their journey, and it is one that elevates the profession as a whole, not their status. Adam says comparison can lead to cannibalising each other, which destroys the industry from the inside out. Learn how to hold yourself and your team to a high standard on this episode of Network Marketing.


Addressing etiquette to eliminate stigmas.

Are you a defensive tackler?  Or a motor mouth?  Negative Nancy?  Poor-me Paul? Do you “bait and slam” people you are attempting to recruit? Adam and Michelle have labeled these common blunders to help you identify your areas of weakness.  Michelle, who used to be a “defensive tackler,” shares stories of mistakes she made early on in her attempts to defend her belief in the Network Marketing industry. People would say, “Is this just a pyramid scheme” and she would unleash fury on them.  Her defensive reaction closed people off and perpetuated misunderstandings of what Network Marketing really is.  A wrong approach can have repercussions that leave people feeling lied to or full of negativity towards the industry. Failing to communicate realistic expectations can be just as damaging.  Adam and Michelle took their journey seriously. They made this profession their Plan A and Plan B.  Listen to their commitment to perpetuate the truth, benefits, and freedom of this profession.


The birth of a book from actual mistakes made.

Adam and Michelle began compiling their mistakes for a newsletter or ebook, but the list kept growing beyond that capacity. They are now awaiting the publication of their book, “Don’t Be “That Guy” In Network Marketing: 21 Common Mistakes.”  They have personal stories of bad approaches in recruiting, mixed up mindsets, and a wide array of reactions to their new profession from friends and family. Network Marketers can relate to these 21 blunders, see their own mistakes, and be encouraged to work with etiquette.  Some people have stigmas associated with Network Marketing, and the profession still struggles to be taken seriously.  It is the job of the insiders to change the trajectory of it’s reputation.  Adam and Michelle are attempting to shift the culture and change how Network Marketers approach people. They believe the industry can seize the opportunity to attract people and repair damages that bad interactions have caused. The fun energy on this episode will leave you inspired to participate in fueling a new culture of Network Marketing.


  • [0:35] David’s introduction of Adam and Michelle Carey.
  • [1:23] The industry shift occurring in Network Marketing.
  • [2:40] The dominance of women in the industry.
  • [5:20] Network Marketing as a personal growth journey with a compensation package.
  • [7:00] Defining a DMO.
  • [8:13] Rewarding aspects of basing your income on helping others and building a team.
  • [10:52] Setting proper expectations to eliminate stigmas and bad etiquette in the industry.
  • [14:33] Questioning the profession and wall-kicking moments.
  • [17:13] The spirit of comparison that can become a cancer.
  • [21:50] The inspiration behind their book, “Don’t Be 'That Guy' In Network Marketing: 21 Common Mistakes
  • [24:36] Fun and laughter as core pieces of this profession.
  • [27:24] Millennials viewing freedom as the new rebellion, making Network Marketing attractive.
  • [32:10] Common mistakes of Network Marketing and learning proper etiquette.
  • [36:11] Names and labels to identify common mistakes.
  • [37:35] Michelle’s favorite chapters and her own mistakes.
  • [40:03] The goals in mind for those who read, “Don’t Be ‘That Guy’ in Network Marketing.”
  • [42:40] What the future culture of the Network Marketing profession could look like.
  • [47:23] A charge to being professional encouragers.



BOOK: “Don’t Be 'That Guy' In Network Marketing: 21 Common Mistakes” -due out March 8, 2016

Adam and Michelle’s website -

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Neal Inscoe, President and CEO of Equity Solutions for Life, wants to know if you are adequately prepared for your own success.  Neal emphasizes educating business owners to prepare for initial and continued growth of wealth. He knows business finances can be complicated, but simplifies options and sets structure so you can control where your money goes. This episode delves into why so many people are broke and how to make sure you’re not one of them. Listen in as Neal Inscoe walks you through what it takes to change your perception of opportunity, how you feel about money and your actions surrounding real or intended wealth. The experience and expertise offered in this episode of Network Marketing will help you grow your business and and ensure you are prepared for that growth.


Clearing up the ambiguity of wealth and financial freedom

As a Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP), Neal Inscoe has learned to ask business owners and entrepreneurs what wealth means to them.  More often than not, wealth translates to freedom. How you feel about wealth determines which direction you will go in terms of safeguarding your legacy and assets. Neal has seen many an entrepreneur become excited over the taste of success and ambitiously investment in arenas they know nothing about. This episode offers practical steps for Network Marketers to protect wealth, before investing it. Similar to looking at a “You are here” map, Neal advises to start where you are, know what you are doing, and understand the implications of how your business is structured. He uncovers hazards and outlines strategic plans for financial freedom. You’re going to want to know the percentage of business owners that are behind in taxes, in debt, and have no real plan for securing their money. There is a better way for you.


How to take responsibility for your wealth

There are some common denominators in making real money and organizing yourself so you can maintain it. The responsibilities of great wealth are better off learned before you find yourself without a plan or structure. Neal has worked with many business owners who did not think about where their money was going once they start making it.  He knows what processes to put in place and believes in educating you to manage your own money. Neal can help you discover the pre-programmed tendencies you have toward money. He talks about getting real with your feelings about money and how personal growth, the central block of Network Marketing, ultimately dictates the growth of your business. This episode takes a look at the future and why Network Marketing is a good business to have in today’s world.  Get ready to learn how to put more money away, reduce your debt and create real, lasting wealth.   


Sustaining long term wealth with your Network Marketing business

Neal Inscoe sees the preservation of wealth as the primary focus before any talk of investing. He quotes Warren Buffett, “Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”

Have you fallen prey to the scurry of dipping into any means of investing, even if it is beyond your area of expertise? Neal suggests keeping the main things, the main things, by finding out what you’re good at, growing those things, and then hiring someone who can add diversification to your business, your investments, and your assets. Neal loves working with Network Marketers, but why? Do you still have your passion for business ownership and the strong belief in your product?  How can you sustain your story as well as the wealth that you create? There is exciting energy on this episode that will help you reach out for help and be more receptive to the great coaching available.


Don’t go it alone: How a coach can help build and preserve your wealth

There has been a big shift in the world, leaving behind the old philosophies of getting a good job, having a pension, etc.  If we are going to embrace the age of the entrepreneur, Neal says we cannot afford to go it alone.  Neal, a business owner specialist, has helped people similar to you stabilize their business, create cash flow efficiencies, strategize to optimize tax reduction, and create structures for secure investments.  He works with you to increase wealth, sustain it, and pursue the life you dream of.  Whether you are new to Network Marketing or a top earner, you will benefit from his insight and seasoned approach to preserving your wealth.  This episode introduces strategic organizing you need to get it right.  Neal’s advice is worth listening to-it will kick-start your wealth education and financial planning.


  • [0:30] David’s welcome, introduction of Neal Inscoe, and story swapping.
  • [4:30] What is Equity Solutions for Life and Neal’s role in coaching business owners.
  • [5:13] The ambiguity of wealth: defining, and creating goals for growth and security.
  • [6:21] Neal’s approach to identifying opportunity and why so many people cannot hang onto their wealth.
  • [8:10] The defining characteristics of a true financial advisor.
  • [9:33] The journey of responsibility for and control of your wealth.
  • [11:00] The shift from conventional business to the age of the entrepreneur.
  • [14:52] Network Marketing hurdles and the role of investing.
  • [17:06] Guidance for Network Marketers: know where you are and implement a plan to get where you want to be.
  • [20:00] Neal’s personal journey from stock broker to business owner coach.
  • [21:17] Themes and habits of successful business owners.
  • [24:31] Identifying and preventing bad habits that lead to the loss of wealth.
  • [27:04] Explaination of wealth preservation as a greater concern than investing.
  • [31:07] Are you the type of business owner that Neal can help?
  • [33:30] Coaching fees and breakdown of coordinating of your finances.
  • [35:50] The philosophy of guiding your finances through preservation.
  • [37:10] The number one key to being a successful Network Marketer.
  • [39:12] Is your wealth secure? Neal’s predictions for future economic trends.
  • [43:20] Why Neal loves Network Marketing.
  • [45:12] Neal Inscoe’s contact information.



Contact Neal Inscoe:

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Today’s guest is a man of true integrity with an infectious energy. He’s the CFO of “The Comedy Store” chain of comedy clubs and a CPA who has helped many people work through their baggage and problems surrounding money. Bob Wheeler offers a simple and effective method for everyday people to create a healthy relationship with money. His crusade for holistic personal growth has cross-pollinated with his accounting practice to deliver a new approach to personal finances. Bob explores the emotions surrounding financial decisions in his recent book, The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money. His passion is to help others gain insight on why their emotions trigger financial decisions.


How did Bob get started helping people with money issues?


While he was building his accounting practice, Bob came across client after client who not only had money problems, but those problems almost always stemmed from negative experiences or beliefs the person had relating to money. He began to experiment with simple tools to help his clients unpack the baggage they carry regarding money and has developed a witty and non-judgmental approach to personal finance that provides guidance for all to create a new path to financial freedom. You can get some insight into the way Bob approaches this complicated issue, on this episode.


Money manipulations can have a long lasting impact.


When Bob Wheeler was a child, one set of grandparents worked overtime to gain the favor of him and his siblings. They often received gifts, money, and lavish experiences from them. As a child Bob naturally thought it was great, until he began to realize that the “payoff” that was expected from his grandparents was not something he wanted hanging over him. What was the payoff? Bob tells the story so well, you’ve got to hear his rendition - and you can on this episode of Crank It Up.


The power of tracking your monthly expenditures.


Most people believe that they know where they are spending their money. But if they’ve never created an intentional way of tracking their spending, it’s likely there are leaks in their financial boat that they simply aren’t aware of. On this episode, Bob Wheeler takes us into a very practical exercise to help us become aware of those leaks and provides some simple ways those leaks can be plugged. Are you interested? Find out more on this episode.


Let go of your old story about money.


What do you really believe about money? Do you even know? Ask yourself some of the following questions: Do you think rich people are greedy? Is there enough money in the world for all the needs? Are you capable of earning more? Are you deserving of it? These kinds of questions open up the door to the beliefs you may have about money that are not serving you well. On this episode, CPA and author, Bob Wheeler, guides all of us through some of the basic ideas in his new book in an effort to turn on the lights so we can see what we truly believe about money and ourselves.

Outline of this great episode


  • [0:50] David’s introduction of Bob Wheeler and this episode.
  • [2:08] Bob’s experience in comedy and as a CPA.
  • [4:09] Bob’s business as CFO of “The Comedy Store” clubs.
  • [5:04] Things about people who become comedians that have surprised Bob.
  • [6:02] How Bob wrote his book about the emotions of money.
  • [8:03] The wrong beliefs that exist around money.
  • [9:30] How Bob approaches the issue of “money shame” and beliefs.
  • [13:50] The things Bob learned about money as a child.
  • [17:45] How the school systems impact the way our children view money.
  • [20:17] Examining the emotional reactions when money challenges rise.
  • [23:55] Becoming aware of your bad money habits.
  • [27:17] Being willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of change.
  • [29:40] An example of building a “pause” into your decisions regarding money.
  • [34:00] The benefit of creating an honest budget.
  • [36:45] The realizations that come from tracking your expenses.
  • [38:00] Looking to your financial future - short term and long term.
  • [41:33] Beginning to make new choices when it comes to money for the sake of different outcomes.
  • [43:00] Internal work people need to do to begin the money management process.
  • [45:13] How letting go of the old story and replacing it with a new one is essential.
  • [46:40] Bob’s encouragement to those wanting to change their money habits.

Resources mentioned on this episode


Bob’s website:


Bob’s book: The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions Around Money


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Today, Tracy O’Malley is an admired and respected network marketing team leader.  It would be easy to dismiss her success as unattainable for the average professional pursuing network marketing - unless you hear how her story began.  A few years back, Tracy found herself in the chaotic crisis of dealing with divorce, being a single mother, the sudden death of a parent, and the insufficient income to keep a roof over her head.  Listen in as Tracy openly invites us into her past life of negativity, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and checking herself into rehab. Her authentic struggle to overcome personally and professionally is relatable no matter what your rock bottom looks like. You will be inspired by Tracy’s honest and brave story of choosing to change her life.


Crisis as a catalyst for beginning a network marketing profession

Sometimes it takes a crisis to propel us forward to where we could and should be.  Had Tracy O’Malley not reached the bottom, she might never have found the gumption to fight to the top.  Life at the bottom was broken, which led to being broke, which led to coping mechanisms that landed her in rehab. It took facing rehab for Tracy to trust wise counsel, and be open to opportunities.  A network marketing option fell into her lap when she was actually willing to try something different, anything different.  Tracy committed to an intimidating beginning, grew her business exponentially, and is passionate about bringing people alongside her in her success.  It is a story that will breathe bravery into you.

Network Marketing gains credibility by taking off your masks

What kind of masks do you wear? How do you present yourself in social situations and on social media? Tracy has found that authenticity sells itself.  She went from realizing she was surrounded by jerks and was the biggest jerk of them all, to creating a powerful following both on social media and in her network marketing company. Tracy credits taking off the masks she wore for years to her success.  It is hard work releasing the expectations of others, but it left Tracy with the discovery of her true passion and purpose.  Hear how she faced her fears, and let go of caring what other people thought to grow herself, her team, and her business.

Creating freedom and the first steps toward success


Taking a step towards change came at the bottom of the bottom for Tracy.  But how did she find that determination and belief that life could be different and better for her and her family? Tracy knew she wanted the financial ability to uproot herself the next time her presence was needed in a crisis. She knew that network marketing provided that ability - she could continue working to build her empire and be present for her kids, her aging mom, and the things that really matter at the end of the day. Tracy’s journey demonstrates that network marketing creates momentum that not even the inconveniences of life can slow down.  This episode of Amplified Network Marketing aids in identifying your hurdles and leaping over them.

Follow the leaders to become a leader


Tracy is a self-proclaimed rule breaker that doesn’t like being told what to do. But to make it through rehab and onto the right road, she listened to her sponsor, gleaned valuable knowledge from mentors and pursued leaders who had gone before. Listen to her “tough love” advice about following in her footsteps, learning from the mistakes of others, and deciding if you want to be a dabbler and get dabbler’s results or if you are committed to the process that leads to success.  Tracy knows it is all about building relationships and being able to connect to a community that works together.  Hear how you can join in, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.



  • [1:00] David’s introduction of exciting guest, Tracy O’Malley.
  • [1:40] A personal testimony of lifestyle freedoms and choice as a Network Marketer.
  • [2:44] The catalyst and crisis that propelled Tracy into her profession.
  • [5:16] Dabbling versus diving into the potential Network Marketing offers.
  • [7:25] Exposing the masks we wear and the beliefs that hold us back.
  • [8:00] Perspective from real financial figures-life before a professional transition.
  • [9:00] What is building an empire all about?
  • [10:37] An inside look at what rock bottom looked like for Tracy.
  • [17:17] What makes a successful team leader in Network Marketing?
  • [22:10] How to stop your “stinking thinking” personally and professionally.
  • [25:15] Stepping into Network Marketing.
  • [29:35] Personal growth rewards and financial projections for the future.
  • [32:32] The realities of rebuilding your social network-even if you’re starting from zero.
  • [35:39] The power of participating in Network Marketing events.
  • [39:15] How Tracy continues to overcome setbacks to be successful and why YOU can do it.



Tracy O’Malley on Facebook:

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The Amplified Network Marketing show is all about passive and residual income streams… not only through the vehicle of Network Marketing. The reason is simple: Network Marketers know a good residual income opportunity when they see one and are always looking for ways to diversify their income through multiple income streams. Today’s guest, Matt Miller, has created a hugely successful vending company that provides the kind of residual and passive income that hits the bullseye, and David wanted to expose you to his opportunity to see if it’s a good fit for you.

An influential book and a bold step into another world.

Matt was exposed to Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” years ago, and totally bought into his philosophy of building passive and residual income streams. But he’d failed to truly act on it for years. When a friend at his church approached him about a business opportunity involving vending machines, Matt’s thoughts about Robert’s book came back to him and he immediately saw the opportunity he’d been waiting for. He jumped in with both feet and has progressed way beyond simply having a few machines in businesses. He’s built his own franchise opportunity that families all over North America are using to build their own passive and residual income streams. Find out more on this episode.

If you’re business is going to thrive, you’ve got to be bold enough to knock on doors.

It doesn’t matter how ingenious of an opportunity you find to make passive income, if you’re unwilling to step outside your comfort zone and do what it takes to get customers, you’ll waste the opportunity. Matt Miller learned that when he got into the vending business and started knocking on the doors of decision makers at local schools to place his vending machines. Many doors were closed in his face, other administrators were kind but rejected the idea. But he kept asking, he kept knocking, and over time he found the customers that he knew would enable his business to grow and thrive. You can hear Matt’s story of perseverance and success on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.

Partnering with schools for profit and charity.

Matt Miller decided to work with schools because he saw an opportunity to prosper his business and benefit the schools through fundraisers at the same time. These partnerships are enabling the schools to earn money for their programs and needs, the students and opportunity to build resources for their own education, and Matt’s company the resources they need not only to make a profit, but also to build the company and help more schools. It’s a win-win situation that generates passive income and ongoing revenue for the schools. Find out the details on this episode.

You can take advantage of this great opportunity too.

Matt Miller’s vending business is always looking for quality people who get the vision of his company to become franchisees. The cost of owning a franchise is very small compared to typical franchise opportunities, the passive income potential is real, and the opportunity for families to do the business together is part of the philosophy the company promotes. Matt takes assessment and training very seriously and guarantees success to anyone who is willing to follow his processes and procedures. If you’d like to learn more about this great residual income opportunity, listen to this episode.


  • [0:29] David’s introduction of the episode.
  • [1:40] Matt’s passive income story.
  • [8:15] The “light bulb” moment that came to Matt when a friend spoke to him.
  • [11:47] The necessity of knocking on doors to find customers.
  • [18:51] The size of Matt’s company now and his focus on fundraising for charities.
  • [23:03] Working with schools to raise funds for their programs.
  • [25:46] The process of becoming a franchisee for Matt’s business.
  • [30:58] What kind of person succeeds in this franchise?
  • [34:10] Get a free copy of Matt’s book: “Live Your Dreams.”
  • [36:30] Matt’s plans going forward.
  • [38:50] How Matt’s company is a “family first” company on every level.

RESOURCES MENTIONED ON THIS EPISODE - Get Matt’s free book “Live Your Dreams.”

BOOK: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Today’s guest, Bill Ryan, is the founder and owner of the RHL Group which comprises of 4 companies: Ryan Home Loans, RHL Financial Services, RHL Real Estate, & RHL Health & Nutrition. He’s an amazing combination of Network Marketing Experience and success, coupled with the financial and investment expertise needed to truly build wealth. Bill joined David recently to present some training in Australia and David knew immediately he had to get Bill on the show. You’ll get a ton out of this conversation, so be sure to set aside the time to listen.

5 Cash Flows that can set you up for wealth.

In his experience as a real estate professional and as a financial investment consultant, Bill Ryan has seen as many schemes to get rich as there are people. In all of that time he’s only seen 5 real vehicles for building true wealth. He has compiled his observations into what he calls “The 5 Cash Flows,” 5 areas of income that he believes every person needs to understand so that they can build a diverse portfolio of wealth building skills that will truly build the financial freedom and wealth that they desire. Bill shares all 5 of these Cash Flows on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing, so make sure you listen.


How do you find professional help that you can trust?

On this episode of Amplified Network Marketing, Bill Ryan suggests that everyone find skilled professionals who can help them with their financial goals, but to make sure that they find a person they feel alignment with and are able to trust. How do you find those people? One of the best ways is to ask other people you respect who they go to for the kind of advice you need. It’s easier to trust someone if a person you trust already trusts them. Get more tips for how to find professional help you can trust, on this episode.


Relational wealth is just as important as financial wealth.

Today’s guest, Bill Ryan, knows this firsthand. He’s seen so many people become successful simply because they knew how to forge and maintain healthy relationships with people who had the expertise and savvy to help them on their wealth building journey. He’s convinced that the skill of forming good relationships is one of the greatest things anyone could learn to help them move their business forward or create wealth for their family. You’ll hear his suggestions for how to go about doing that, on this episode.


The Power of Geometric Progression in Network Marketing.

One of the main things that caused Bill Ryan to add Network Marketing to his collection of wealth building strategies is the way the business model enables the numbers of a successful business to work. He calls it geometric progression and it’s based on simple mathematics. As each person in a business simply replaces themselves with two more people just like them, the compounding effect of the income streams takes off. Discover the “magic” of network marketing math, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.

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There are many ways you can use the money you make through your network marketing to increase your overall cashflow and build wealth over the long term. It doesn’t all have to happen through the business activities of you and your team. One of David’s favorite ways to build wealth is through real estate. On today’s show, David is chatting with Kira Golden McClellan and Matthew Golden, of Direct Source Wealth. The two of them run a company that builds investment opportunities in real estate that many types of people can come into to co-invest, build wealth together, and see their income grow. You’ll find lots of gems from this episode, so stay tuned.


  • [0:29] David’s introduction to the episode and his guests.
  • [2:54] Thoughts on homes as investments or dwelling places.
  • [4:52] Matthew’s thoughts on investments that can endure market downturns and provide cashflow.
  • [8:16] Why co-investing is such a powerful force.
  • [14:43] The need for building trust in a first time investment partnership.
  • [17:40] How co-investing is a form of wealth creation.
  • [20:42] Deals that were hard lessons learned.
  • [25:10] How someone might get into a co-investing situation.
  • [26:12] The importance of a long term philosophy for co-investing.
  • [31:09] How new investors without much experience can get started.
  • [33:06] The typical investments done with sophisticated investors.
  • [34:24] Suggestions for checking out an investment company.
  • [37:07] The perfect property their investment company is looking for.
  • [40:21] How a “value for value” approach helps everyone.     




matthew or Kira (at) directsourcewealth (dot) com

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No matter what you’ve heard about network marketing, it’s hard to argue with the success that many, many people have seen through the industry. Gone are the days of pyramid schemes and front-loaded companies. Today, technology is making it possible for people who truly desire to succeed and work hard to make their fortunes through helping each other via the vehicle of network marketing. Jimmy Smith is an example of that kind of determination. In this episode you’re going to hear how he left a 40 year career at age 62, and within 8 years was making over $30 million a year. It’s an amazing story with lots of ups and downs, so be sure you take some time to listen.

He saw the math immediately, then went searching for a company worth his time.

Jimmy Smith knew that network marketing would be his vehicle to wealth the moment he understood how the math worked. In his mind it was the most beautiful and perfect form of democracy in existence. But his family and friends didn’t see it right away. His first ventures were not successful because of companies that he couldn’t fully support and he lost a lot of money. But as he continued to search for the company that he could support, he never lost faith in the network marketing model. In this episode you’ll hear Jimmy’s amazing story and why he believes that network marketing is THE avenue for anyone who wants to work hard for their success.

How do you carry on when your family thinks you’re crazy?

It’s no exaggeration to say that Jimmy Smith’s family was skeptical of his network marketing obsession at first. After a bankruptcy and losing a lot of money, his wife didn’t think he knew what he was talking about when he spoke of network marketing in glowing terms. But Jimmy didn’t lose faith, even though he was tempted to quit many times. He knew that the process would work if he could just find the right system and company - which he finally did. Hear how Jimmy pushed through the times of discouragement and eventually won over his wife and family, on this episode of Crank It Up.

If you teach a man to teach others to fish, you can feed the whole world.

For Jimmy Smith, it’s not enough to teach people how to make their own millions. He wants to teach people how to teach others to make millions and pass that information along as much as possible. It’s part of the way he views the power and vehicle of network marketing that makes him so effective. He truly wants to see people succeed because of what that success can do for their family line and legacy. Jimmy shares his story on this episode and discusses how the network marketing industry has changed over the years, and how he sees it poised for a huge resurgence and growth curve in the coming years.

At 87 years old, where does the energy and passion come from?

For Jimmy Smith, it comes from being convinced that what he’s doing is important and will last. He’s able to pass on a legacy through his family that he never knew was possible, and through his network marketing organization he’s seeing people’s lives changed every day. There is so much good he’s able to do, and it drives him to keep going every day when he wakes. This episode is encouraging, inspiring, and powerful, so be sure you take the time to listen to this seasoned businessman and professional people helper.

Outline of this great episode

  • Jimmy Smith’s journey into Network Marketing at age 62.
  • The early challenges Jimmy faced as he started his Network Marketing company.
  • The stress the first 5 years were for Jimmy and how he overcome it.
  • The conversation Jimmy had with his bankruptcy attorney about Network Marketing.
  • What Jimmy saw in the industry that kept him from quitting when times were hard and failure was imminent.
  • The differences between modern network marketing and the days when Jimmy first started.
  • How does Network Marketing protect people today (is it a pyramid scheme?)?
  • 30 million dollars later… what made the difference?
  • How many people are truly helped by Jimmy’s network marketing organization?
  • What to look for in a network marketing company.
  • The three mega trend in today’s world.
  • The life Jimmy lives today, including his family and others in creating millionaires: Where does the passion come from?
  • Highlight moments Jimmy remembers from his long life.

Resources mentioned on this episode

BOOK: Think and Grow Rich

BOOK: Pay Yourself What You’re Worth

BOOK: The Strangest Secret


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If anyone can talk about having a “past” and the battle it is to fight your way out of depression, it’s Chris Atkinson. Chris was a teenager when he began to feel the tone of his life sliding south. He began drinking and drug use when he was a preteen and by the time he was in High School he had checked out of life. His slide took him a long way down and it was years before light began to dawn on him. But it wasn’t a spontaneous thing, it was something that had to come from within him as he began listening to the voices around him, the people who were telling him that his life could be different… and that he had the choice to make it that way. On this episode of Amplified Network Marketing you’re going to hear Chris’ powerful story of jail time, drug and alcohol addiction, and the turnaround he’s made to become a multimillionaire in the Network Marketing industry.


Do you sometimes feel like life should be “more”?

Chris Atkinson definitely felt that way from a young age but was convinced by the time he was in his teen years that it was just a dream that could never come true. His struggles are evidence that no matter how far you’ve sunk in life, it’s never too late. That’s the primary message Chris and his wife teach to those they mentor. You can make a change at any point on your journey. The difference is made on the level of attitude and belief. On this episode Chris describes the turning point that happened in his life and how Network Marketing played a pivotal role. He also describes the wide-reaching impact it has had not only on his income and business, but on his personal relationships as well.


The life you dream about is possible.

Chris and Debbie Atkinson have taught thousands of people just like you that it’s never too late to turn things around so you can have the life you desire. On this episode Chris highlights the beginning steps you need to take in order to begin that change. He talks about why you have to dream BIG, the importance of setting goals, how to flip the switch from scarcity to abundance, the power of persistence, and why gratitude is the key to a prosperous life. You’ll hear Chris’ personal story woven into everything so be sure you listen to what has happened in this amazing man’s life.


I was finally sick of letting life slip through my fingers.

Drinking and drugging his life away became a sickening thing to Chris Atkinson, and when he decided that he wasn’t going to allow his life to slip away like that, things began to change. Through the help of 12 step programs, supportive parents, and a network marketing company that focused on personal development, Chris made quick advances toward becoming a successful businessman and a husband and father with a new lease on life. You can make those same kinds of changes, and Chris is on the Amplified Network Marketing show to teach you how. Be sure to listen!


Relationships change just as dramatically as the finances.

Chris Atkinson believes that your finances and business success can’t reach new levels until you reach those levels in your personal life. You’ve got to change in order for your life to change. As he began living out that philosophy he was able to rebuild a relationship with his son that had been nonexistent to that point. Now, he and his son are the best of friends and rejoice in the progress and triumphs the other experiences. You can hear more of this heart-warming story on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing, and learn how the personal development focus of his MLM team enabled Chris to take the steps he needed to take in order for it to happen.



  • [0:40] David’s introduction of his guest today, Chris Atkinson and his “never too late” philosophy.
  • [2:07] Chris’ teenage memories of having no hope: drinking, drugs, and losing out on life.
  • [5:30] An ultimatum from Chris’ Dad.
  • [7:00] At some point you can decide that the bad things in life are your fault.
  • [8:18] Chris’ words to parents about their kids’ alcohol and drug use.
  • [10:20] How Chris made the choice to navigate from the life that was and the life he wanted.
  • [12:00] Always coming back to the 12 step programs.
  • [13:50] How Chris began to see the world differently.
  • [15:40] The catalytic moments that change the way you live.
  • [16:49] The big dreams Chris began to have and work toward.
  • [18:30] Using goals, dream boards, and how to move toward them.
  • [20:40] Getting sick of letting life slip through his fingers.
  • [22:12] Does the purpose of most people revolve around helping others?
  • [23:03] The first steps Chris has learned and wants to pass along to others who feel lost.
  • [26:10] The purpose people can find because of their wound, and how Chris views his own wounds.
  • [28:18] How Chris’ relationship with his son has transformed over the years.
  • [31:12] The power of gratitude in Chris’ life.
  • [33:59] How Chris was introduced to the Network Marketing environment and how it’s made a huge difference.
  • [38:44] The first thought every single day.
  • [40:15] How Network Marketing is one of the only professions where people help each other succeed.
  • [43:37] The primary lessons Chris shares with listeners.




BOOK: The Greatest Miracle In The World


BOOK: It’s Never Too Late - Chris’ book


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What will you be doing when you’re 77 years old? How will you be feeling about life? Ready to settle down? Ready to rest, relax, slow down a bit? Those thoughts are completely foreign to today’s guest, Eric J. Smetherman. It was only four years ago that Eric began his network marketing career after already being retired from his own small business for a number of years. His new business has created a new life that he finds hard to believe and it has given him a new zest for life that has powerfully impacted the way he lives every day. On this episode you’re going to hear Eric’s story, how his success has come about, and how he proves that network marketing is no respecter of age.


What is a “professional network marketer?”


That’s what Eric J. Smetherman says when people ask him what he does. He sees it as a way of saying that he’s serious about his business and wants to do it in a professional way. What he’s most excited about is that he has the opportunity to use his years of experience as a small business owner and his more recent experience in network marketing to coach and empower people to live extraordinary lives and achieve time and financial freedom. It’s something he’s passionate about, which you’ll hear in this conversation he had with David T.S. Wood.


Network Marketing is a personal development business, even for the older set.


AT 77 years old it would make total sense if Eric J. Smetherman saw himself as being beyond the point of taking on new personal challenges. But his entrance into network marketing has stimulated a desire to learn and grow on a daily basis. He’s quick to ask questions, learn new strategies for personal growth and mindset change, and maximize his potential as a person - just as much as he is for his business. He doesn’t see age as a factor at all. Young and old alike are responsible to make the most of their life - which is exactly what he’s doing. His story is an inspiration so make sure you take the time to hear it on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.


Why would a 77 year old seek out the advice of 25 year olds?


If you ask Eric J. Smetherman that question (he’s 77, by the way) he’d tell you it’s because he’s not through with life yet. There’s lots more to experience and lots more to achieve. He knows that things today are very different than when he owned his small business years ago. He knows that the world operates according to different principles, so he inquires of those who are right at the heart of those changes - the younger set. His testimony is that once he learned the language and interests of those in their 20s and 30s, his ability to talk with them on a level of understanding about the opportunities that network marketing provides increased, and his business success began to take off. You’ll get a lot out of what Eric has to share, to be sure to listen to this episode.


What will you be doing when you’re 77 years old?

It’s really up to you, isn’t it? Eric J. Smetherman would be first to tell you that age doesn’t have to slow you down. He’s living a life that he could only dream of prior to entering the ranks of professional network marketers and he is working hard to encourage others to build a similar life of freedom and time for themselves. What are your dreams? What are you capable of doing? Eric wants you to know that you can accomplish it all, no matter your age. Find out how he’s done it and how you can move in the same direction, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing with David T.S. Wood.



  • [0:31] David’s introduction to the show and why he’s in love with Network Marketing.
  • [0:59] Who is Eric Smetherman?
  • [1:50] How does a 73 year old feel about hanging out with so many younger people.
  • [2:30] Why Network Marketing appealed to Eric as a retiree.
  • [4:00] The impact Eric’s company’s products have had on his own health.
  • [6:33] Relationships at the heart of Eric’s network marketing business.
  • [9:58] Network marketing and the issue of timing.
  • [11:09] Eric’s description of what network marketing is.
  • [12:26] The importance of growing as a person and how network marketing facilitates it.
  • [14:10] The power of each person taking their own individual journey.
  • [15:20] How long did it take Eric to get his head around the business?
  • [18:17] Why Eric calls himself a “professional network marketer.”
  • [20:52] The reasons network marketing is appealing to younger generations.
  • [24:43] The lessons Eric has intentionally learned from younger people.
  • [27:41] Success at any age is possible through network marketing.
  • [29:11] The lessons Eric has learned that new network marketers should know.
  • [31:59] Books Eric has learned from.
  • [33:19] How Eric uses a vision board in his business and personal development.
  • [37:02] Dealing with the peaks and valleys in the business in a way that is helpful.
  • [41:58] What Eric would tell himself at the beginning of his network marketing career.
  • [42:47] How has network marketing amplified Eric’s life?



BOOK: Go Pro


BOOK: The Slight Edge


Robert Kiyosaki


Richard Branson

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In 2012, Christine Burke’s husband Stacey was approached about considering a network marketing company. Although they were both very skeptical at first they experienced amazing results. A few months later, Christine and Stacey decided that the financial challenges that they had experienced needed some immediate solutions and started to look at network marketing as a way to earn income. What started as something she pursued largely on her own soon turned into a joint effort. Christine and her husband Stacey are building a great Network Marketing businerss together, and not only do they absolutely love building teams of people, but are finding the 'magic' of the company they are working with - the leadership, the products, the compensation plan, the support - something that they never want to live without. Listen to the conversation with David T.S. Wood to be inspired and motivated to accomplish similar dreams for yourself.


From dependent housewife to determined money maker

Christine Burke was a typical woman, staying home with her kids, supporting her husband’s career as a chiropractor, living happily in her own little world. There’s nothing wrong with any of that except that she came across an opportunity that enabled her to discover that in addition to those marvelous things, she was able to accomplish even more. That opportunity was network marketing. In this conversation you’re going to hear how Christine took the leap into the unknown by joining a NM company, how it grew substantially, and how her personal growth has now inspired her husband to step out of his established practice and join her in the business. It’s an inspiring story of what is possible in the lives of ordinary people. You’ll want to hear this one.

Leaving his established chiropractic practice to become a network marketer.

Stacey Burke is the kind of chiropractor his patients love. His energy and enthusiasm about his patients makes them loyal and devoted to him as a provider. It’s that same energy that causes his wife Christine to believe that he’d be wonderful at helping her build a thriving network marketing business.  When he began to see the huge success Christine was having he began to look beyond the 9 to 5 workday and into the realm of possibility. The two of them began to dream, to pull closer to each other, and to grow together in life and in business. Their story shows that network marketing is a unique business model, one that enables couples to do what they thought was impossible and grow closer and more free all at the same time.

Network Marketing businesses are multiplied through personal growth


Christine Burke discovered that one of the ways that her business team has been able to grow the most is when she leads the way in growing personally. Her growth stimulates the growth of her team, both in terms of business skills and in their own personal journey. That multiplies back and forth all over the organization. To that end she ensures that every year she involves herself in an event or opportunity for personal growth that pushes her to become more than she’s ever been before. Hear how she goes about it and the amazing doors personal growth has opened for her and for her business team, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is a breeding ground for leaders.


Woven into the DNA of network marketing is team building. The drive to become successful is fueled by the need to help others on your team be successful. That’s a recipe for success all the way around but it’s also the way that people grow in their leadership abilities for the sake of the people in the organization. Every member of a team learns to care for others and help them succeed, which in turn causes the entire network to thrive. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and enables the financial and personal gains to multiply over time. Hear how Christine Burke has learned to grow personally and as a leader of her network marketing team, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.



  • [1:12] Christine’s journey from Canada to Australia and her life there now.
  • [2:10] How Christine feels about being able to run a business from anywhere in the world and have the lifestyle she wants.
  • [3:29] The most Christine has earned so far in one week - and the average wage she would have been earning in her old profession.
  • [4:21] How finances have fluctuated as Christine and her husband moved into their network marketing business.
  • [7:45] How Christine managed her business with toddlers underfoot and her husband still watching full time.
  • [11:00] Why are so many people looking for financial freedom scared of network marketing opportunities?
  • [12:38] Why YOU are the biggest product in your business.
  • [13:03] What Christine has done for herself to advance her business.
  • [14:56] The shift in her husband that brought about their new NM partnership.
  • [18:18] Christine’s financial goals for the upcoming years.
  • [19:37] The impact her business growth has had on her as a wife, mother, and human being.
  • [22:10] Getting aligned with her husband.
  • [24:16] The type of things that happen in the kids of network marketers.
  • [25:19] A great book Christine has been reading.
  • [26:44] How Christine uses a vision board.
  • [28:37] Christine’s journey as an example of what can happen so early in the business.
  • [29:53] The quantum shift that can happen your business team when you engage in personal growth.
  • [31:54] Why network marketing forces people to move into the realm of leading others.
  • [33:00] How did Christine’s husband transition from a very respected medical profession into a network marketing sales business?
  • [36:24] The power of becoming a master networker, like Christine’s husband is doing.
  • [37:50] What is different about a network marketing culture?
  • [39:18] How has network marketing amplified YOUR life, Christine?
  • [42:25] The message Christine wants to leave with you!



BOOK: The Magician’s Way


Christine Burke’s website -

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That’s because conflict itself is one of the most difficult things in life and we’d all love to see the conflicts in our lives truly resolved. Let’s be honest, conflict is one of the things in life that most of us would rather avoid - thus the well-known phrase “conflict avoidance.” Sadly, many of us do just that. We turn around and walk the other way instead of facing the conflict head-on.


In this episode David T.S. Wood has one goal: to equip you with a few tools that can make you more able to get to a resolution of the conflicts you face that is satisfactory and truly satisfying for everyone involved. The reason it’s so important to David is because his past was riddled with conflict and he’s seen the damage it can produce in relationships. The conflict resolutions skills he’s learned have enriched his life - and he wants to pass it on to you.


Every one of us has situations or relationships where conflict exists on a large or small scale. It’s part of life and part of the way relationships work. People will disagree, and not everyone is able to handle the disagreement in a healthy or constructive way; thus conflict occurs.

There are 5 main reasons that conflict occurs and why these very natural things make conflict resolution is so difficult:


  1. Differing values

  2. Making assumptions

  3. Differing expectations

  4. Differences in how people were brought up

  5. A lack of knowledge about how to achieve good resolution to conflicts

David’s way of pursuing conflict resolution


Much of how David deals with conflict is by following a maxim he’s learned: L.E.A.D.E.R.S resolve conflict - and each of the letters in the word “leader” is one of the points of action toward resolving conflict. Listen in to the episode to find out exactly what the acronym stands for and how you can implement it in your life to resolve the conflicts in your life.


An amplified life is a life that resolves conflict well. So do what you can to learn these principles, put them into practice, and watch the growth and joy increase. Conflict resolution matters to those who want to live and amplified life.


Get ready to Crank it Up!

Outline of this great episode


  • Why David believes conflict resolution to be a vital skill to learn.

  • David’s personal story about learning to deal with conflict in healthy ways.

  • The reality of conflict in everyone’s life, and why conflict resolution is so important.

  • 5 main causes of conflict and how to start the process of moving toward resolution.

  • How David has learned conflict resolution and the suggestions he has to help you.

  • How L.E.A.D.E.R.S. go about resolving conflict.

Links mentioned in this episode

Songs used in this episode


Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan


Johnny B. Good – Chuck Berry


Hook - Blues Traveler


Don’t Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult


What’s it Like - Everlast

Quotes David mentioned


Holding onto anger or hatred is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.


The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations. - David Friedman


You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist. - Indira Gandhi


First seek to understand, then seek to be understood. - Stephen Covey


Listening is about being able to be changed by the other person.

Agree to disagree, agreeably. - Stephen Covey


The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. - Dale Carnegie


No pressure, no diamonds. - Mary Case



Tweets you can use to share this episode


True L.E.A.D.E.R.S always resolve conflict


An amplified life belongs to a person who is good at #conflictresolution. Find out how


5 main reasons for conflict and how to pursue healthy #conflictresolution


Learn the #conflictresolution skills David TS Wood has learned to amplify his life


Talk about people as if they were standing next to you

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David made this recording live at the “Transformed Women” conference where he was one of the keynote speakers for the event. He’s talking with lots of women at the conference, and with Sandra Yancey, the founder of the conference and


The event was geared to teach women that they need to “play big” in order to fulfill their dreams and make the impact on the world they were meant to have. Transformation is what the conference is all about. It’s about teaching women how to make their light shine, how to glow from the inside out to make the world a better place because they are in it.


You’ll hear comments about “self love,” “inner meaning,” “self-worth,” and “investing in yourself.” They’re the touch-stones of a positive mental attitude that makes women powerful to be who they are meant to be and impact their families and improve their future - way beyond what they ever dreamed it could be. It’s a place of personal growth, a place of confidence and empowerment that can change your life. It’s what the “Transformed Women” event is all about.


Another thing that came of the conference was the ability to get out of the traps that are typical in the lives of women - regret, guilt, and many others. You’ll hear stories from women who attended the conference and the impact it had on them. There is deep meaning here, deep change from the stories of transformed lives.


Take a break today to encourage yourself by listening to this great podcast. The stories you’ll hear are real-life from the lips of real women. You’ll be able to relate to them because these women are in the place you are at. It’s time to Crank up your life because anytime is the right time to live larger and make a difference in the world.


Get ready to Crank it Up!

Outline of this great episode


  • David’s short interview with conference founder, Sandra Yancey.

  • The damage of “Stinking Thinking” and why people need to step out of it.

  • Testimonies from women attending the “Transformed Women” conference.

  • David's thoughts about his experience as a speaker at the conference



Links mentioned in this episode - Sandra Yancey’s powerful program that created the Transformed Women conference.


Tweets you can use to “explode” share your enthusiasm!


Any time is the right time to live larger.


I came to the Transformed Women conference to get out of my own way


Every day you can choose to reject the control of your past and live a powerful life


Authenticity is powerful. Others can be encouraged by your story. Share it.


Leaving the judgements and insecurities behind is powerful. Do it today.


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Today David gets to resurrect a conversation from a while back. It was a great discussion of life and how to make the best of every situation, from the real-life experience of Pat Flynn.


Pat’s a well-known internet personality. He speaks at many conferences and is truly a jobless-to-self-made-success story. After being laid off from his job as an architect, Pat took matters into his own hands to crank up his own life through creating his own streams of income through business, marketing, and product creation. He’s become an inspiration to many people who have had difficult situations enter their lives and need a shot of encouragement that they can do something about it.


When Pat was laid off, he tried a lot of things to get income going quickly. He saw income trickle in a little at a time, and then hit his first large-scale success when he created an ebook teaching folks how to pass the LEED exam to become architects. It was a site he’d begun while he was still working and the ebook was his first attempt to monetize the site. It was a huge success, earning over $7000 the first day it was available.


From there, Pat started a podcast that became very popular (Smart Passive Income) and has moved on to become the key-note speaker at many world-class conferences, has created a book, other podcasts, and has become a “you can do it” example for the everyday man or woman who wants to create their own opportunity. If you’re in that boat, or thinking about climbing aboard, Pat’s story should give you plenty of encouragement to take the leap.


Get ready to Crank it Up!

Outline of this great episode


  • Pat’s story of losing his job and rebuilding his life.

  • The role his fiance/wife played in the transition from laid off to self-employed.

  • How asking for and receiving help played a powerful role in Pat’s journey.

  • Battling fear and the things his own imagination threw in front of him.

  • Why Pat believes so many people miss the opportunities that exist in the modern world.

  • How Pat’s desire to help others has played into his success.

  • The level of success Pat has achieved - to use as an inspiration for what’s possible.

  • What is passive income? What is residual income?

  • The responsibility Pat feels because of his success.

  • Why Pat considers himself the luckiest person on the planet.

  • Honesty in everything - one of the things Pat does to make his work stand out.

  • How Pat uses online-only income options to build his business, and why it takes time to build.

  • Principles of providing value and benefit to others that crossover into all areas of life.

  • The driving factor behind Pat’s work and success.

  • Can passive income and passionate income be one and the same?


Links mentioned in this episode - the new Amplified Living blog and website. Check it out! - Pat’s site about passing the LEED exam.


Pat’s website - (his podcast can be found there, as well as links to other online projects he’s developed through the years). - Pat’s daily Q&A podcast - Pat’s experimental site about creating niche sites for income generation.


Tweets you can use to “explode” share your enthusiasm!


There’s a difference between surviving and thriving - Pat Flynn on the Crank it up podcast


There’s no way anything will happen if you don’t think it will - Pat Flynn on the Crank it up podcast


Much of internet business applies to all of life. - Pat Flynn on the Crank it Up podcast


What you practice every day is what brings success.


Who you are matters more than the strategies you use.

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The 2007 economic crash interrupted Las Vegas in every way possible. The second largest economic influence, the construction industry, came to a halt. JoJo and Vinnie Bennington felt the halt as devastation hit their bank account. Vinnie, a retired Marine, was working as an electrician in Las Vegas. His last big project ended and he was out of work. His wife, JoJo, was three years into her Network Marketing business. Although Vinnie knew about his wife’s pursuit, he had no idea she was keeping them afloat with her earnings. Prior to Network Marketing, JoJo was a blackjack dealer. She left that profession, hoping to find freedom through owning her own business. She built three tanning salons from the ground up, but found the opposite of freedom. JoJo’s introduction to Network Marketing came through product use and grew into an accidental paycheck. As she toyed with the ideal of Network Marketing full-time, Vinnie voiced his opposition. JoJo’s journey of perseverance meets Vinnie’s skepticism to create a story of success in relationship and in business. Listen in to the conversation with David T.S. Wood to be inspired and motivated whether you are the skeptic or the one unable to find support.

The traditional mindset as a deterrent.

Vinnie’s mindset of what it meant to be a man was built as a boy and reinforced as a Marine. When he ran out of work because of the economic crash, he held onto the belief of one day returning to work and continuing to provide for his family. Vinnie held onto this hope while collecting unemployment, but then the unemployment ran out. Vinnie was depressed, feeling lost and like a failure. He gained weight and spent his days sitting on the couch with no identity. Vinnie was under the impression the family was staying afloat from their savings, when in reality JoJo’s Network Marketing business was steadily growing. She paid off their car and debt while Vinnie was sitting on the couch, hoping his traditional job and role would resurface. You are going to want to hear how one wife persevered and one husband changed his mind, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.

Living in resistance and non-support.

For JoJo, the economy crash wiped out the income that was keeping them comfortable. She had seen what was possible in Network Marketing and just started really working on her business. When she initially told Vinnie she was going to sell her three tanning salons and pursue Network Marketing, he thought she was crazy. He thought the entire industry was sketchy and full of used-car salesmen. Some days it was an argument, some days a push. JoJo knew she was on the right path, even though there was no support from her husband. When construction tanked and Vinnie was out of work and lost as a man, JoJo dared him to redefine himself. She would ask Vinnie to join her about every three months, but he did not believe in Network Marketing, trust it, or want anything to do with it. JoJo kept increasing her connections, upping her marketing strategies, and securing residual income. It was difficult for her to see Vinnie in such a dark place. She revealed that she had doubled her income, freed them up, replaced his income, and paid off debt. Get an inside view of a real couple’s marriage and their struggle to come together in the midst of hardship.

A revelation and exit from exile.

Vinnie’s resistance was real and fierce. His stigma of Network Marketers blocked his ability to see it as a real profession or respect it in any way. When JoJo took Vinnie with her to Belize for a work trip, he was surrounded by Network Marketers. Even host, David T.S. Wood, was met with Vinnie’s resistance. Vinnie slowly started to see that they were not used car salesmen. He found out they all had traditional jobs at one point and were not much different than he was. Vinnie’s savagery from the Marine Corp came out as he felt trapped on the island with all Network Marketers, but there was a shift in him as they returned home. Vinnie realized that JoJo had grown without him. Vinnie had a lightbulb moment and woke up to the idea of residual income. He began working with JoJo to grow their business and rebuild their marriage. Today, Vinnie relates the camaraderie he’s found in the Network Marketing industry to the brotherhood he experienced in the Marines. You’re not going to want to miss Vinnie’s revelation, on this episode of Amplified Network Marketing.

Addressing the skeptic.

The journey of non-support may be familiar to many. Vinnie and JoJo offer advice and insight from their journey. They wish they would have learned sooner to love your partner where they are and find the things that attracted you in the beginning. Network Marketing is one of the only professions where we become involved and then expect everyone else to become part of it. JoJo reminds us that Vinnie never asked her to become an electrician, but his resistance and inability to support divided them. Vinnie secretly wanted JoJo to fail, just to prove a point and be right. He now offers the plea to at least give it a chance, and support your partner or spouse. Are you the skeptic, viewing Network Marketing as a pyramid scheme or a scam? If your spouse is in industry, listen in to the benefits of at least supporting them, keeping an open mind, and giving it a chance. There is no script to it, but as JoJo says, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”



  • [0:40] David’s introduction of JoJo and Vinnie Bennington.
  • [1:01] Relationships: The difference in Network Marketing.
  • [2:33] Vinnie’s story, prior to Network Marketing.
  • [4:30] JoJo’s life, prior to Network Marketing.
  • [6:40] Vinnies profession and journey as an electrician.
  • [10:03] JoJo’s decision process and transition from traditional business.
  • [14:02] The Bennington’s personal experience with the economy devastation.
  • [20:47] Defining leverage, residual income, and initial “dips.”
  • [21:56] Vinnie’s experience, as a man.
  • [24:02] JoJo’s point of view, as a woman.
  • [25:42] Dare to redefine yourself.
  • [27:12] Vinnie’s resistance and the journey of nonsupport.
  • [30:02] JoJo and Vinnie: Growing back together.
  • [38:12] JoJo’s current business.
  • [39:45] Comparing and competing create myths.
  • [41:16] Vinnie addresses the skeptic.
  • [43:45] Advice to someone in the decision process.
  • [45:35] The lifestyle difference in Network Marketing.
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